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The Portfolio Tracker Knowledge Base

When I decided to create the Portfolio Tracker, I wanted it to accomplish four things:

  1. It should be really simple to use.
  2. It should require as little user inputs as possible.
  3. It should be powerful enough to answer all of the above questions.
  4. It should help me track my investment decisions.

I believe the Portfolio Tracker accomplishes these objectives very clearly. I hope you will find it as useful as we do at Junto Investments.

This is the knowledge base in which you can learn how to get started using the Portfolio Tracker and get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Oliver Sung

The Basics

These articles will introduce you to the basics of the Portfolio Tracker and why it’s the perfect tool to track the true money-weighted return of your portfolio.

Getting Started

These articles walk you through how to handle the registrations of transactions and corporate events in the Portfolio Tracker. Each article is written using a demo portfolio so we advise you to read them consecutively.

Frequently Asked Questions

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