In this podcast episode, we explore the fixed mindset vs. growth mindset and how they impact not only our attitudes and learning, but most importantly, our outcomes.

Hosted by Oliver Sung

Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset [Ep. #1]

Welcome to the first episode of The Junto Podcast.

As our other notes and research, the Junto podcast is where we not only talk about businesses and investments, but also other worldly lessons, all in the pursuit of becoming more intelligent investors. Think of this podcast as an exploration of ideas and lessons that allow us to expand our knowledge and ability to make sound decisions whether in the markets, our relationships, or in life.

I gladly hope that you will follow us on this journey.

In this first episode, I thought we wanted to take off by touching on a subject from the discipline of psychology which has the ability to shape lives. And that is the difference between having a fixed mindset and having a growth mindset.

We explore how the two mindsets impact not only our attitudes and learning, but most importantly, our outcomes.

fixed vs. growth mindset

I first heard about the term of the fixed vs. growth mindset when I read the book by Carol Dweck called Mindset: The New Psychology of Success and it had a huge effect on me.

Key Takeaways

  • The fixed mindset creates an urgency to prove oneself over and over using fixed qualities.
  • The fixed mindset usually occur because we as human beings care what other people think of us.
  • People with a fixed mindset avoid challenges, because it makes them feel like they’re not talented or smart.
  • With the fixed mindset, the cards one is dealt are pretty much the only cards one will play throughout life.
  • The growth mindset is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts.
  • The growth mindset is akin to the law of attraction.
  • People with a growth mindset will naturally gain a sense for probabilities. One will know that one can’t let one single outcome define one's ability or — more importantly — one's potential.
  • With the growth mindset, the hand one is dealt is just the starting point for development.

Enjoy the first episode.

Oliver Sung
Research Analyst

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