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The Junto portfolio was initiated on January 27, 2020.

As Junto subscriber, you will receive immediate email notifications when a purchase or sale has occurred. Every quarter, we provide a more in-depth quarterly report detailing our thoughts on the current state of the market, our portfolio companies, and occasional musings.

Please be advised that in accordance with Junto’s long-term perspective, the portfolio shown on this page is only updated periodically by the end of each month or when a transaction has occurred.

Portfolio as of 11.01.2021

Absolute values are per share
Total return includes dividends received
Fairfax Financial25.90%CAD380.92 ($277.96)CAD470.000+32.10%
The Goldman Sachs Group10.60%$139.08$292.88$1.25+111.48%
General Motors Co10.60%$16.45$45.130+174.35%
Autohome Inc5.09%$64.16$106.78$0.77+67.63%
GrafTech International3.27%$9.85$11.74$0.12+20.36%

Closed Positions

SecurityFirst Purchase DateLast Sale DateTotal Return
Delta Air Lines17.03.202008.06.2020+44.71%
Southwest Airlines19.03.202008.06.2020+22.85%
SINA Corp27.01.202028.09.2020+8.97%
Danske Bank19.03.202028.09.2020+24.57%

Portfolio Performance

 Total Return (1y)Avg cash allocation (%)
Junto Portfolio+35.40%50%
S&P 500+17.41%
MSCI World+16.49%

Latest Activity

DateSecurityActivityPrice (inc. fees)Portfolio Impact
27.01.2020SINA CorpBuy$39.00+11.19%
18.02.2020GrafTech InternationalBuy$9.85+4.06%
17.03.2020Delta Air Lines CoBuy$31.10+3.15%
18.03.2020General Motors CoBuy$16.45+5.78%
19.03.2020Southwest Airlines CoBuy$32.30+6.10%
19.03.2020Danske Bank A/SBuyDKK72.25 ($10.47)+5.40%
19.03.2020The Goldman Sachs GroupBuy$139.08+7.05%
19.03.2020Delta Air Lines CoBuy$22.12+4.25%
20.03.2020Autohome IncBuy$64.16+4.12%
01.04.2020GrafTech InternationalDividend$0.085
11.04.2020Autohome IncDividend$0.77
13.04.2020Fairfax FinancialBuyCAD400.60 ($288.20)+10.00%
11.05.2020Fairfax FinancialBuyCAD345.85 ($247.04)+5.00%
08.06.2020Delta Air Lines CoSale$36.37-8.52%
08.06.2020Southwest Airlines CoSale$39.67-6.02%
30.06.2020The Goldman Sachs GroupDividend$1.25
01.07.2020GrafTech InternationalDividend$0.01
28.09.2020SINA CorpSale$42.50-10.60%
28.09.2020Danske BankSaleDKK83.48 ($13.04)-5.55%
28.09.2020Fairfax FinancialBuyCAD381.00 ($284.33)+9.88%
01.10.2020GrafTech InternationalDividend$0.01
04.01.2021GrafTech InternationalDividend$0.01

Your Portfolio Allocation

Use the calculator to determine your initial holdings weights for your investments capital or as a periodic rebalancing tool to follow the Junto portfolio.


The Junto portfolio is a close, and not accurate, representation of research analyst, Oliver Sung’s, overall investment portfolio. While portfolio holdings are equivalent, average cost, dividends received, or weightings can differ.

A 0.50% trading fee (including commission and spread) is added to the cost of purchases and sales.

Dividends received from portfolio companies are added to the cash balance and reinvested on a discretionary basis. If the dividend-paying investment is priced attractively at the time of payout, the dividend will usually be reinvested in the same company unless more obviously attractive opportunities are present.

Since tax situations and policies are different for all investors depending on geography, circumstances, and source of capital, the Junto portfolio appears tax-neutral.

Returns are calculated based on percentage change (including dividends received and trading fees paid) of our starting assets present at the beginning of each year.

This policy allows us to not incorporate any fuzzy, confused investment decisions rationalized through so-called “tax considerations” not applicable to all Members. We make investment decisions based on our evaluation of the most profitable combination of probabilities.

The content provided on the Junto Investments (“Junto”) website is for informational purposes only, and investors should not construe any such information or other content as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. Nothing contained on junto.investments constitute a solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer by Junto or any third party service provider to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments in this or in any other jurisdiction in which such solicitation or offer would be unlawful under the securities laws of such jurisdiction. Read more

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