How to Follow the Junto Portfolio

1. Become a Junto member

First, join the Junto membership in order to get full access to the Junto investment portfolio.

2. Create a separate brokerage account (optional)

You can choose to invest fully or partly with the Junto portfolio. With either option, we advise you to create a separate brokerage account for the capital you wish to invest. This makes it easy to manage and assess the relative performance of your other investments.

3. Determine your source of capital and tax position

Depending on whether you’re investing through personal (taxed) assets, a corporation, a 401(k), or other pension plans, your investment return might be taxed differently. While tax rules should have little regard in terms of making rational investment decisions, it’s important that you are aware of how and when your investment income will be taxed.

Since Junto is a global community of wonderful investors, we can’t provide tax advice or guidance about your specific country as tax policies vary widely between jurisdictions. If you invest through personal assets, your country’s capital gains tax should be rather straightforward.

4. Calculate your portfolio allocation

Locate the allocation calculator by scrolling down the page and clicking on ‘Open the calculator’.

How to open the portfolio calculator

Enter your capital available for investment and update the current prices of the portfolio holdings.

You will now find the amounts of shares to purchase for each portfolio holding in order to achieve the same weighting as the Junto portfolio. Additionally, you will see the amount to allocate as cash.

5. Make initial investments

Use the information calculated in step 4 and purchase the correct amount of shares of each holding in your brokerage account. Make sure that the cash allocation is approximately the same as given in step 4.

If you at some point decide to increase or decrease your capital available for investment, simply use the calculator again to adjust for the new capital amount.

6. Buy and sell along with us

You will receive immediate notifications when a purchase or sale has occurred. Changes to positions and the corresponding portfolio impact are shown on a relative basis (% increase or decrease) so you can easily adjust your portfolio on the same basis.

Bi-annually, we provide a more in-depth quarterly report detailing our thoughts on the current state of the market, our portfolio companies, and occasional musings.

Make better investing decisions.

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