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How to Register a Dividend in the Portfolio Tracker

Registering a dividend in the free Junto Portfolio Tracker requires two or three simple steps depending on whether the dividend involves withholding tax.

Let’s say that it’s now 7 months later of our demo portfolio and Div Corporation decides to pay the same dividend as last year: 5 USD per share..

Step 1: Register the Transaction

We register the dividend received in the Transactions tab as follows.

Registering a dividend in the Transactions tab

As seen, the dividend paid per share is entered in the cost per unit column.

Note that we enter the full dividend per share that the company pays out and not the amount received in your brokerage account. If your broker withholds tax on the dividend, the amount you receive will be lower. We deal with withholding tax in step 3.

Step 2: Register the Cash Flow

In the Cash Register & Returns tab we register the following.

Dividend registered as incoming cash flow

Step 3: Register Tax Withholding

To account for any withholding of dividend taxes at payout, we register an outgoing cash withdrawal like the following (assuming a tax rate of 20%).

Important: The reason why we do not register a withheld dividend tax as a “negative dividend” is that we in such a case would not get the true total return statistic on our investment incorporating the full dividend payout. We aim to calculate our returns pre-tax.

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