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How to Register Your First Capital Injection in the Portfolio Tracker

The powerful thing about the free Junto Portfolio Tracker is its ability to correctly track cash flows together with transactions to calculate the true money-weighted return on the portfolio.

Thus, it’s important that you register any movement of cash in your portfolio in the Cash Register & Returns tab.

Our first step is therefore to register the first capital injection into the portfolio. This is the amount of cash that your portfolio – or brokerage account – holds before doing any transactions.

How to Do It

Say you insert 1,000,000 USD in your brokerage account. We register this incoming cash flow as:

Registering the first capital injection in the Portfolio Tracker

In the date column, insert the date of the transfer.

In the cash flow column, select whether we are talking about an incoming or outgoing cash flow from the dropdown.

In the source column, you have the option to select between various reasons for the cash flow. For this example, select capital injection.

In the amount (USD) column, input the amount. The next column automatically outputs the current cash balance in the account.

Leave the corresponding asset column blank as there aren’t any. If we were talking about a security transaction, the corresponding asset would be the given security.

In the non-cash portfolio value column, insert the market value of all non-cash holdings in the portfolio (all listed and unlisted securities held) as of the transaction date. Since we don’t own any securities yet, the value is 0.

The market value of the total portfolio is then automatically outputted in the next column.

In the remarks column, you can enter any subjective remark for the transaction.

Next Step

Now that you have made your first registration of your capital, it’s time to dig into how to register a purchase transaction.

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