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The Five Parts of the Portfolio Tracker

Junto’s free Portfolio Tracker is a powerful spreadsheet model that allows investors to track their investment portfolio on a transaction and money-weighted basis. In this article, we introduce the five parts – or tabs – which the Portfolio Tracker consists of.

Portfolio Overview

Junto Portfolio Tracker overview tab

The Portfolio Overview shows the status of your investment portfolio. In the main table, you will find your portfolio performance statistics divided into three asset classes: cash, unlisted securities, and listed securities.

It’s entirely up to you whether you wish to include unlisted investments such as private equity or real estate in your portfolio. If so, you simply enter your cost basis and estimated current market price of your total unlisted investments.

The pie chart shows your listed securities’ weighting per holding of your invested amount.

Lastly, the line chart shows your aggregate money-weighted return over time.

Portfolio Holdings

Junto Portfolio Tracker holdings tab

The Portfolio Holdings tab is a summary of your current and past holdings which are aggregated from the Transactions tab (to be introduced in the next section).

For each holding, you will see:

  1. Your current quantity.
  2. Your average cost and average cost per share including any trading
  3. Your current yield on your average cost and market value, given that the
    company/bond pays a dividend/interest (you will have to manually
    enter the last DPU).
  4. Your unrealized return in USD and percent.
  5. Your realized return in each holding.
  6. Your total collected dividends/interest.
  7. Your total return including dividends/interest.
  8. The current market value and the holding’s weight of the total portfolio.


Junto Portfolio Tracker transactions tab

The Transactions tab is where transactions are displayed on a line per line basis. Transactions include buys, sales, dividends, and splits.

Cash Register & Returns

The Cash Register & Returns tab is used to record each incoming and outgoing cash flow in the portfolio to accurately calculate the cash balance at each status date as well as the true money-weighted return on the portfolio over time.

Decision Log

Junto Portfolio Tracker decision log

The Decision Log tab is a template used to log each of your investment decisions. You simply fill out the Decision Log and hit print to either print or save a copy of your decision. This is a very powerful tool to track your decisions and improve your thinking.

Next Step

Now that you know the major parts of the Portfolio Tracker, it’s time to get started by registering your first capital injection.

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