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How to Register a Stock Split in the Portfolio Tracker

Registering a stock split in the free Junto Portfolio Tracker is simple and requires two simple registrations.

Let’s say that Company XYZ Inc now decides to do a 2-for-1 stock split so that the amount of shares outstanding doubles and the market price of each share consequently halves.

Step 1: Register the Split

We register the corporate event in the Transactions tab as follows.

Registration of a stock split in the Portfolio Tracker

We enter 2 under the split ratio column since the stock splits 2 for 1.

Step 2: Update the Current Price

We update the current price in the Portfolio Holdings tab.

Updating price after stock split

Since the amount of shares has doubled, the price of the stock has halved. We therefore change the current price per share of Company XYZ from 180 USD to 90 USD.

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