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October 10, 2021Sunday Briefing: On organizational design, Teledyne, and Carvana
October 3, 2021Sunday Briefing: On complex adaptive systems and Bayes’ theorem
September 27, 2021Sunday Briefing: On Norbert Lou, Twitter, and history
September 19, 2021Sunday Briefing: On stock market models, predictions, mathematics, and internet monopolies
September 12, 2021Sunday Briefing: On macroeconomic measures, knowledge, and integrity
August 29, 2021Sunday Briefing: On Airbnb, learning, and introverts
August 22, 2021Sunday Briefing: On the Kelly criterion, SPACs, and communication
August 15, 2021Sunday Briefing: On ovarian lotteries, optimism, and technological hubris
August 8, 2021Sunday Briefing: On Alibaba, Jim Ling and the LTV conglomerate, and how a chess master concentrates
August 1, 2021Sunday Briefing: On China, Charlie Munger, and Li Lu
July 25, 2021Sunday Briefing: On the Kelly criterion, inequality from history, and TSMC
July 18, 2021Sunday Briefing: On accounting books, problem solving, Saudi Aramco, and LVMH
July 12, 2021Sunday Briefing: On The Loser’s Game, Li Lu, the greatest investor you’ve never heard of, and time
June 27, 2021Sunday Briefing: On net-zero emissions, a mental investing trick, leverage points in systems, and bitcoin
June 20, 2021Sunday Briefing: On business schools, geography’s impact on history, and quantum computing
June 13, 2021Sunday Briefing: On efficient markets, Microsoft, how the investing game has changed, evolution, and Nintendo
June 6, 2021Sunday Briefing: On status quo bias in decision making, and dollar-cost averaging
May 30, 2021Sunday Briefing: On productivity, Airbnb, and how people get rich today
May 23, 2021Sunday Briefing: On hassle, the Chinese e-commerce giant Shein, and investor taxes
May 16, 2021Sunday Briefing: On leadership, and the obscenity of private schools
May 9, 2021Sunday Briefing: On averaging down, how to think for yourself, and the difference between moats and durability
May 2, 2021Sunday Briefing: On the secret to success in life, Starbucks’ monetary superpower, and the Berkshire AGM
April 25, 2021Sunday Briefing: On writing online, and how Bill Hwang lost it all
April 18, 2021Sunday Briefing: On Nassim Taleb, Stripe, and the birth of black holes
April 11, 2021Sunday Briefing: On Alibaba, poker, and an investing chat between Li Lu and Bruce Greenwald
March 28, 2021Sunday Briefing: On Jamie Dimon, frauds, and The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius
March 21, 2021Sunday Briefing: On crazy investing facts, books, and mental models to hard problems
March 15, 2021Sunday Briefing: On Amazon, bad decisions, timeless advice, and Buffett
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