The Junto Podcast on Investing & Worldly Lessons

We escape the short-sightedness apparent in the stock market and think more deeply about not just businesses, but also other worldly lessons, all in the pursuit of becoming more intelligent investors.

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About the Show

At Junto, we not only study and write about companies and financial data, but practically everything that allows us to expand our knowledge and ability to make sound investments in the markets, our relationships, and in life.

The Junto Podcast is no different. We believe that a wide interest and curiosity for the world from all disciplines such as philosophy, economics, psychology, mathematics, physics, biology, and history gives us an enormous advance in our quest for making intelligent decisions.

In short, we study and talk about worldly lessons.

Oliver Sung from Junto Investments

Your Host

Oliver Sung

Oliver is the Research Analyst behind Junto Investments.


He has a Master's degree in Economics and Business Administration and is currently doing his CFA.

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