Sunday Briefing: On divergentism, fighting infomania, and chaos theory

Sunday Briefing: On divergentism, fighting infomania, and chaos theory

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Welcome to the Sunday Briefing newsletter where I share some of the interesting lessons in life, business, and investing that I’ve come across during the week.

What I’ve been reading


At the societal level, societies understand each other less and less with increasing information ubiquity, at any level of aggregation you might consider, from packs to nations. You might get random spooky entanglements, but by default, society is divergentist. The social universe expands.

Fighting Infomania.

Conventional wisdom says that you should follow what people in your industry are talking about tactics-wise, but it’s just noise. You should have the strategy and tactics that you’re working on, and then you should execute on them. Constantly listening to and checking what other people are doing doesn’t help you stay focused–it just makes you question yourself.

The Hidden Heroines of Chaos.

The story of chaos is usually told like this: Using the LGP-30, Lorenz made paradigm-wrecking discoveries. In 1961, having programmed a set of equations into the computer that would simulate future weather, he found that tiny differences in starting values could lead to drastically different outcomes. This sensitivity to initial conditions, later popularized as the butterfly effect, made predicting the far future a fool’s errand. But Lorenz also found that these unpredictable outcomes weren’t quite random, either. When visualized in a certain way, they seemed to prowl around a shape called a strange attractor.

Quote of the week

“Successful investing is about getting everyone to agree with you…later.”

—Jim Grant

A thought

Build a network before you need a network. Read before you need the information. Be a friend before you need a friend. Plant seeds before you need the tree.

Have a great coming week,
Oliver Sung

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