What Other Industries Teach Us About Investing

What Other Industries Teach Us About Investing

A great presentation by Morgan Housel teaches us the simple value of the long view.
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I wanted to share a great presentation made by a fellow named Morgan Housel.

Morgan Housel is one of the best financial journalists out there and a provider of clarity in the business press. He is a former columnist at The Motley Fool and The Wall Street Journal and is currently a partner at The Collaborative Fund.

The sentence that hits home the message of Housel’s presentation is:

“The more educated you are, the more likely you are to discount the simple techniques even though we know the simple techniques are going to make the biggest difference over time.”

To learn which simple techniques Housel is talking about, put aside 49 minutes of your time (or set the video to 2x speed), sit back, and absorb:

Let’s finish off with the [secret] recipe for investing success.

  1. Spend less than you make.
  2. Save the difference.
  3. Buy a portfolio of great companies.
  4. Be patient.

Oliver Sung
Research Analyst

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