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Hi, I’m Oliver Sung

I write two (sometimes just one) write-ups of publicly listed companies every month and make it easy for members to follow my investing decisions. I also write articles about investing, decision making, mental models, and life.

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Latest Write-ups

[BETCO.ST] Better Collective

Better Collective: Riding the Sports Betting Curve

On the affiliate model, sportsbook relationships, the history of Better Collective, acquisitive growth, the iGaming industry, regulatory opportunities, data advantages, and potential return.

[ADYEN.AS] Adyen

Adyen: First Principles Formula

On the payment ecosystem and its history, distributional strategies, the competitive positions of modern players like Stripe, Square, and Adyen, how Adyen is different from the two others, unified commerce, and a brief on the stock price.

[DIS] The Walt Disney Company

Disney: You’ve Got a Friend in Streaming

On Disney’s acquisitive history and digital transformation, how a shift to DTC shifts the economics of the business, and how I would value the company with the subscription business at focus.

Guides of Knowledge

The complete guide to
Mental models help us make sense. Make sense of things around us, why we exist, our actions, and the outcomes we face. Here are 349 models explained.
The complete guide to
Why it's important to learn how to make decisions well and how I aim to do it. Here's a framework for decision making that works.

Latest Free Articles

19 Biases That Intervene with Your Investing Success

Being a serious student of the markets is a must for investing success. But the nature of the markets is only part of the intelligent investor’s syllabus. What’s even more important is the lesson of knowing thyself.

Mental Model: Anchoring

Marketers use anchoring to trick you to spend more money, negotiators use anchoring to get in the stronger position, stock investors fall prey to anchoring to their own detriment.

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